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because not even we know where we are

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because not even we know where we are


Japanifornia is a closed, kind of crack and sometimes srsbzn Ace Attorney RP. PM burgersplzthx or evercelle if you're interested in playing alongside us! We don't bite. Unless, you know, you like it that way. C:

TIME LINES DO NOT EXIST HERE. This isn't exactly PWDR in that we prefer you to play canon characters and we don't have doubles, but there can be, say, Attorney!Phoenix and Hobo!Phoenix because they come from separate canon game lines. No Vampire!Edgeworths and Stripper!Mias, unfortunately. I am not entirely opposed to Stripper!Klavier however ahurhur

MAY HAVE COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF GAY SO----IF THAT IS NOT YOUR CUP OF COFFEE you might not want to chill with us after all :(


[1] Treat this as an LJ-based RP, so your characters are interacting THROUGH livejournal. Basically, no *action* going on in comments unless it's a log.

[2] Be respectful to all players! If you have problems with other players, contact burgersplzthx ASAP

[3] Make your posts to the COMMUNITY, not your personal journals.

[4] Make the effort to post/comment with good english skills--please don't TyPe liek DIS or abuse shorthand unless idk you're playing Sal Manella aghhhhhhhhh

[5] Post at least once a month. Just so we know you're alive and functioning in there.


What is the meaning of this faggotry
japanifornia is for people who want to RP in the Ace Attorney series without the pressure of super strict activity checks or really long, involved storylines. It's supposed to be very relaxed and just a place to go crazy with other PW characters. Like, you know, the actual game, only now Apollo and Maya have to share all the pudding. :C

Who's playable? How do I apply for a character? How many can I play?
Anyone who's not on the Players list is open for apping (meaning NPCs are open to take too). Two characters per player as of now because we want lots of people to come play and it's not fair to hog all the good roles--!! But you can NPC as much as you want if you want to play other characters. 8Db
To apply for a character: PM burgersplzthx with:

  • Character Name & journal:

  • Player Name & journal:

  • e-mail:


  • Sample entry you would make: can be hella short---we just want an example of what you would update with!

WAS BEDEUTOT IST DAS BULLSHIT I mean how do you explain this
Wright & Co. Law Offices is a ~*~* TIME PARADOX *~*~ or something idk i'll put Lyn's explanation here soon

How do I contact other players?

Apollo Justice
has gel will defend
LJ: courtroomclamor
Mun: 148km
Damon Gant
watches Adult Swim every night
LJ: chiefswimmer
Mun: misytpednaem
Dick Gumshoe
loves them weenies
LJ: notanthrpaycut
Mun: youshi_semenjyu
Diego Armando
LJ: kittensncoffee
Mun: muse_lightning
Ema Skye (GS4)
has infinite ammo turned on
LJ: she_blinded_me
Mun: nozomi_no_da
Klavier Gavin (GS3)
rocks out with his cock out
LJ: play_my_keys
Mun: aliquoten
Klavier Gavin (GS4)
is most definitely not a diva
LJ: rockinthetrial
Mun: stolen_relic
Kristoph Gavin
has a present in the desk drawer
LJ: brosb4hobos
Mun: headshot
Larry Butz

LJ: thebutzman
Mun: x_kurisuchinu_x
Maya Fey
defeated the Bacinator...twice...in one sitting
LJ: burgersplzthx
Mun: evercelle
Mia Fey
wields d-cups of cold, pure justice
LJ: madame_attorney
Mun: twilights_blue
Miles Edgeworth
hides tramp stamps under that cravat
LJ: prosecutorisrdy
Pearl Fey
hoked on fonix
LJ: mrnickxmaya_otp
Phoenix Wright
uses tie-a-tie.net every morning
LJ: turns_it_about
Mun: stolen_relic
Phoenix Wright (GS4)
strip poker legend
LJ: shushimcomfy
Mun: clockework
Trucy Wright
has a whole new world in her panties
LJ: magicpantytrick
Wendy Oldbag
LJ: oldbagofwendy
Mun: moosechangerpat
Wocky Kitaki
LJ: bustin_u_up
Mun: sugaraddictmeru


(but especially Daryan!

badges, being a g, being intense, blindfolded underwater basket-weaving, burgers, coffee, deskslamming, doing it in suits, here comes justice motherfuckers, kicking ass, metaphorical ramblings about coffee, objection, presenting evidence, psycho-locks, steel samurai, taking names, the power of science